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The SSW Innovation Sourcing program

Our "SSW innovation sourcing program" will help your corporation stay ahead of the curve by sourcing growth (innovation) where growth takes place (emerging markets).

Externalized innovation is key to competitiveness on the long term. R&D type of innovation is finding its limits in many areas markets and industries (The Global Innovation 1000: “Making Ideas Work’’ (Booz&Co) study showed that only 25% of R&D spending leads to meaningful innovation).

The size of your organization makes you vulnerable due to the time it requires to adapt to new trends via internal innovation alone. Innovation is especially spread out and fast-paced in emerging markets justifying the need for a thoughtful local intelligence to spot trends and quickly capture meaningful innovation from startups.

Opportunity: SSW network can spot trends relevant to your current objectives in emerging markets and identify startups and innovations that matter to you. Based on

  • 1. Where your innovation needs are and
  • 2. Where you target markets are, we can define requirements and spot startups and innovation trends that fit those requirements.

If relevant to you, we could manage other aspects of the relationship and introductions to key influencers in start-up ecosystems allowing you to strengthen your global footprint.

The trends we’ll be watching in 2014

Seedstars World has 4 main categories of trends that it will be watching in 2014 as part of its innovation sourcing program: ?

  • 1. Trends that affect consumers' behaviours (Augmented reality, social networking, shared economy…)
  • 2. Data-driven technologies (Big Data, mobile payment, analytics…)
  • 3. Trends shaping brand new industries (3D Printing, wearable technologies…)
  • 4. Trends impacting older industries (FinTech, connected healthcare, online education…)

Each of these categories are made up of 4 major trends that we believe corporations should be watching as part of their innovation sourcing strategy. The objective is to define together the specific trends you would like us to be keeping a careful eye on, selecting startups and businesses that serve on one or several of these technology trends.

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