Over $6mn in total to win

The Global Winner

For its third edition, Seedstars World will be on the ground in over 50 countries across Asia, Africa, LatAm, CEE and MENA to find the best seed-stage startup. Companies less than two years old, MVP ready, thinking global and with less than $500k raised so far can apply to become the 2015 Global Winner!


Global Winner


With the Seedstars company builder, we’re continuing the tradition of investing up to $500k in the top startup we find, no matter what industry you are from.

The Travel Track

The Travel Track with lastminute.com group connects sector specific expertise and investment to emerging market startups. In addition to our search for the best global startup, we're scouring the globe for all things travel. The Travel Track also has an USD 500k equity investment on offer!




In collaboration with lastminute.com group we're searching for disruptive travel startups. lastminute.com group will invest up to $500k in the best travel startup of Seedstars World.


We know how hard it is for seed-stage startups in emerging markets to find sufficient funding. We’ve seen bootstrapping taken to the extreme with one founder even selling their house to fund their startup! Thankfully there are institutions looking to support top entrepreneurial talent in emerging markets!



In partnership with Inmarsat and AP Swiss, we're looking to support the most innovative technologies powered by satellites. A grant of USD 50k will be awarded to the Space Winner.


comming soon

Hublot is to award an emblematic Hublot watch to the most Innovative Startup of 2015. As an entrepreneurial company itself, Hublot has always nurtured a culture of risk and innovation.

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Perks You Can’t Ignore

A week in Switzerland, valuable connections, our favourite SaaS services for free, cool merchandise and more. There are benefits of Seedstars World you just can’t ignore!


Bootcamp & Finals


The winning startup from each of our 50+ local events (and additional startups for each Investment Track) will be flown to Switzerland and lodged for the weeklong bootcamp, final event, conference and investment forum. It's an invaluable learning, networking and development experience with a value of over $6k.


SaaS Tools

We have searched and tested hundreds of tools to find our favourites and improve our productivity. We’ve partnered with 20 of the best to bring you over $4.5mn in free services.

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